Tom galis


Tom Galis, is an artist of social gatherings, able    to    craft unique experiences out every small particle and molecule of an interaction. When it comes to the experience itself, his is a kaleidoscopic view. That view allows him to align small beautiful objects in such an angle that create an exquisite pattern.

The execution is a synergy of pieces, inspirations and experiences. His mastery of the craft has been formed after years in the fast casual business alongside with radio station stints and DJing gigs. His view is singular; to challenge the way Greek food is perceived, marrying modern thinking with good old traditional hospitality.



Anastasios creates focal points to Greece translating American angles. These focal points create an aura that brings you to Greece without a plane ticket. His finishing touches light the way and the individual components that please the eye and stimulate the spirit.

His creations carry invariably their individual aura. At the Greek this memory is one of where he grew up, his home in southern Greece where stone is prominent and alongside with wood it creates a welcoming environment where conviviality can flourish and grow. If home is where the heart is then Anastasio's interpretation of everybody's home has created a very special place in our hearts. 

Dionisis Liakopoulos


Dionisis Liakopoulos like his ancient namesake revels in the hedonism of our globalized gastronomy world. In this world he has traveled and sought to learn and emulate the best techniques and viewpoints on food and cooking. After years of working under the geniuses of Yiannis Loukakos and Aris Tsanaklidis, Dionisis has championed and established multiple concepts in Europe and the United States creating a legacy much like his ancient namesake preaching an insatiable curiosity of taste all across the world.

Even though globalization is blamed to eradicate individual ethnic cultures, Dionisis’ cooking and craft makes him the unique example of accentuating the Greek culture in a concert of badly sounding accents. His unique point of view when it comes to Greek gastronomy is unmatched always seeking the nooks and crannies of a culture of flavors that has been going back millenia. His inspirations are unlimited while his passion is unstoppable, and his thirst for excellence in every manner of execution is unquenchable. For Dionysi a plate of food exists in the nexus of the art world, the science spectrum, and the fields of advanced botanics. The multiplicity of these elements come together to form a true creation worthy of being modern and classic at the same time, contemporary and reminiscent, the creation of multiple worlds coming together.

His motto “traveling the world with a spoon of taste” positions Dionisis at the perfect vantage point of today's globalized gastronomic world, matching his worldly curiosity with our insatiable yet discerning appetites in NYC.



Tom Galis

 Dionisis Liakopoulos

Dionisis Liakopoulos